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2011 NoA: two new beneficiaries
Thursday, 03 February 2011

IWCM has chosen two new beneficiaries for the Night of Art 2011 charity exhibition and sale, which this year will take place 18:00 - 21:00 on Friday 8th April in the Central Pavilion at Moldexpo.

The proceeds from the event will help to build a Communication Club for the elderly and other socially vulnerable groups in Chisinau and an all purpose sports court for the school and the wider community in Sadova, r-nul Calarasi.

Regina Pacis distributing hot lunches in central Chisinau - the Communication Club at this site will provide a warm and welcoming place for social support and community activities for the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

1. The Regina Pacis Foundation - Communication Club

The Regina Pacis foundation provides daily hot lunches for hundreds of needy people in Moldova. Most of the recipients are elderly people who struggle to cope with loneliness as well as poor living conditions. To help them with more than a hot meal each day, Regina Pacis have asked for assistance from IWCM to open a Communication Club at one of their lunch distribution facilities in the centre of Chisinau. The Communication Club will be a space where staff can offer social support through counseling and community activities such as team games, crafts and educational sessions. Teenagers from the Regina Pacis Placement Centre for Children have volunteered to help run the activities, forming a bridge between the generations. IWCM will buy tables, chairs and other equipment so that the Communication Club can open its doors to the elderly and other socially vulnerable groups in Chisinau.

The Regina Pacis Foundation raises money for the lunches by collecting unwanted plastic bottle caps and selling them to a local factory for recycling. 60 bottle caps = 1 loaf of bread! IWCM members also help to collect these bottle caps. For more information about the Regina Pacis Foundation, including how you too can help collect bottle caps visit

2. Gimnaziu Sadova, r-nul Calarasi

The village of Sadova has one combined primary and secondary school and no recreation or sports facilities for the 170 children who attend, or for the many teenagers who travel daily to neighbouring high schools. There is little to do outside school, especially for older children and teenagers, and this has a negative impact on their own physical and mental health and on the wider community. To combat this IWCM will buy materials to construct an all purpose sports court, which will be built by volunteers from the village including the older children, teenagers and parents. Volunteers will then run weekly sports activities including basketball and volleyball as well as a week long summer camp to promote health awareness and values such as respect, fair play, teamwork and leadership. Life for children in Sadova is about to get a whole lot better - more active, more interesting and much more fun!