Welcome to the IWCM

2008 WCB Volunteer Opportunities
Thursday, 13 November 2008

We need volunteers to help us out at the IWCM booths.

Please, sign up for a two-hour shift or help us to decorate the booths.  

Raffle booth: Our Fundraising coordinator is preparing the ever so popular raffle baskets. Donations are most welcome. If you haven't signed up to donate a basket yet, please do so. We can never have too many. We need volunteers to sell raffle tickets and help with the raffle prizes.

Crafts booth: the IWCM Crafts group started working on various craft projects. If you have creative craft ideas or want to join the group, send a note to. We also need help to decorate the booth and sell the crafts.

Second-hand: There is still time to go through your closets, homes and childrenss playrooms for items you no longer need. Your trash could become someone else's treasure.

Please send us an email.

Don't forget to sign up for a two-hour shift on December 6!