International Charity Bazaar

Every year IWCM organizes the annual International Charity Bazaar (also knowen as Winter Bazaar) at the International Exhibition Centre Moldexpo.

It is not only a major source of revenue for the club's charity work, but also is a wonderful opportunity for the local and international communities to come together and share cultures and customs.

Many of the Embassies offer special performances that highlight holiday celebrations in their countries.

Moreover, it is also an excellent venue for non-government organizations and development agencies to introduce their work to the public and to market cottage industries.

In the past years the bazaars have raised close to $300,000 for charity and have been a source of entertainment for thousands.

The 22nd Edition of the International Charity Bazaar will take place from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sunday 9th December in Central Pavilion at Moldexpo, Chisinau.

There will be a raffle with incredible prizes, a second chance booth, delicious international cuisine and local crafts producers.

Entrance fee is 25 lei and all are welcome to join in the fun!

For local manufacturers and handcraft artists, please fill this application form.

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Past editions of the Winter Charity Bazaar:

12th edition, on Saturday 6 December 2008

13th edition, on Saturday 5 December 2009

14th edition, on Saturday 4 December 2010

15th edition, on Saturday 3 December 2011

16th edition, December 2012

17th edition, December 2013

18th edition, December 2014

19th edition, December 2015

20th edition, December 2016

21st edition, December 2017

22nd edition, December 2018