Become a member

The Constitution of IWCM states:

1. Membership shall be open to women living in Moldova who hold a foreign passport. Members will be registered after the membership form and fee 500 MDL have been received.

2. Registered and current members may sponsor the membership of one (1) non-foreign passport holder with membership beginning from the date of registration and payment of the full yearly membership fee. The sponsored member must pay the full yearly membership fee and maintain the membership without incident. At the end of the membership year, the sponsored member may continue the membership independently and may also sponsor a new member in the manner described herein. In the event that the sponsored member fails to comply with any IWCM regulations or acts in a way contrary to the goals of the IWCM as a charitable and social club, the membership may be annulled upon a majority vote of the Executive Committee, and a refund of the pro rata amount of the membership fee will be made.

3. Members are allowed to bring visitors, including Moldovan women, to any monthly meeting for a small fee determined by the Executive Committee.