Executive Board

In order to aim the goals of the club, every year an Executive Board is elected.
Usually, the Executive Board is elected at the May General Meeting by the members of the club. All club members shall be eligible for nominations to the Executive Board.
An individual may serve two full one-year terms in any given Executive Board position.
An individual may serve in no more than two positions on the Executive Board at any one time.
The most members of the new Executive Board for the session 2019/2020 was elected in July, 2019 with an online voting.
In fall both Co-Presidents and the Treasurer were elected by the Executive Board.
IWCM Executive Board 2019-2020
  • Local Co-President: Maria Marinuta from Moldova
  • International Co-President&Grants Committee Chair: Marie McDowell from USA
  • Local Vice-President&Fundraising Coordinator: Natalia Stelea from Moldova
  • International Vice-President: position vacant
  • Diplomatic liason: Gundega Vāvere-Mikute from Latvia
  • Membership & Hospitality Coordinator: Svetlana Shishkina from Belarus
  • Social Media Coordinator: Loredana Travascio from Italy
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Angela Chelaru from Moldova
  • International Charity Bazaar Coordinator: Inna Rothmann from Moldova
  • Activities Coordinator: Natalia Waight from Moldova
  • Treasurer: Yvonne Wöbbeking from Germany