Thursday, 29 November 2007

Total: $5 500.00

1. Salvati Copiii
Social reintegration of 10 alcoholic women whose children were in the care of the Salvati Copiii; personal hygiene articles, financing special monthly outings

2. Dalila Women's Wellness Center
Translation and publication of a new brochure on breast cancer and self-examination; reprint of a brochure on basic information about women's obstetrical and gynecological health


3.Women's Career Workshop
Publishing and translation of materials for use in workshops on job search and career choices held in four cities in Moldova


4. Association of Mammographers
Computer information system for record keeping and storage of information of breast cancer patients


5. Youth for the Right to Live Girl's Camp
Transportation costs for 65 female teenagers to the camp. The program explores gender, self-esteem, and health issues, equal employment opportunities, career planning, choices available to women as adults, and decision- making


6. Ludmila Borkovschii
A disabled woman received funds to purchase supplies for her needlework, which is her main source of income.