Grants 2015

What: Playground

Who: Kindergarten no.3 with parents’participation.

Amount: 45 000 MDL (now $ 2,550) – budget asks for play equipment, installation will be pro bono from parents.

Community involvement: Kindergarten staff, together with the parents have already made a little park in the Kindergarten’s yard, but they don’t have any play equipment.

Beneficiaries: Currently around 50 children. This equipment is to stay for future groups of children in the kindergarten.


Carpineni is a big village and this kindergarten is on the outskirts of the village with no asphalt road leading to it. Kindergarten no. 3 was open 3 years ago and Municipality helped for basic building renovation (new floors, windows, doors). Kindergarten’s management, with help of the parents, was able to transform the yard from a muddy place to a beautifully organized park. Everything you see on the photos is work pro bone. There is no other place nearby where the children can go and play. This playground will not only benefit the children during kindergarten’s work hours, but will also be well used in the afternoons and on the weekends.   


ICT Education, NGO TekEdu

What: Supporting final product (books and DVDs with curriculum) in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) education

Who: NGO TekEdu partnering with educational The Drupal Association in collaboration with Municipalities in Moldova

Amount: 25 000 MDL (now $ 1,450) – to print and bind 200 books ( 100 Romanian, 100 Russian; 90 pages per book including images) and make 200 DVDs.

Pro bono involvement: Web developers with the Drupal Association are donating their time to develop the curriculum that will be available to Moldovan youth in print and digital formats.

Beneficiaries: 120+ youth from Leova plus 5 other raions.


The NGO TekEdu aims to provide children and youth in Moldova with access to computer and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) education. The organization works to improve technology literacy among children, help youth expand their employment opportunities and avoid criminality, poverty, and trafficking, and to develop entrepreneurs and innovators in technology in Moldova. TekEdu implements a 3-month program “tech4children” to teach IT skills to children in orphanages and rural areas as well as children from minority groups. In September 2014, TekEdu ran a pilot tech4children program in Orhei with 20 youth aged 13-16. The program taught youth how to develop a website and participate in community project development. The youth have access to an e-learning blog for continuing education following the initial program. In 2015, TekEdu plans to run a tech4children program in Leova and expand to at least 5 other raions, reaching 120+ youth. TekEdu’s long-term goal is to reach children in every raion in Moldova.  TekEdu is partnering with The Drupal Association, an educational non-profit organization that fosters and supports the Drupal open source content management platform, to develop a new, innovative IT and project development curriculum for the tek4children program. Developers with the Drupal Association are donating their time to develop the curriculum that will be available to Moldovan youth in print and digital formats. TekEdu is applying for an IWCM grant to cover the costs of reproducing the curriculum in bound books and on DVDs to disseminate to youth who complete the tek4children program as well as to libraries, schools, etc. to use as a resource for youth to gain IT skills independently. TekEdu is requesting 25 000 MDL (around $ 1,450) to print and bind 200 books and make 200 DVDs.


Ciuciuleni Community Terrain, v. Ciuciuleni

What: Community terrain

Who: NGO ALDAS, Ciuciuleni Municipality (the ground is under the Ciuciuleni Mayor's office management that assures the security and sustainability), and participation from community members.

Amount: 66 000 MDL (now $ 3,740) – budget asks only for materials, all the work will be pro bono.

Community involvement: community members will carry on all the works that include: cleaning of the land from trees and bushes, leveling the terrain, building/construction of the scene, planting trees and flowers, making benches.

Beneficiaries: 600 children, 1200 youth, 1500 adults


In addition to the children playground that the community has, they would like to create community terrain –to build a stage that would be used for all village events, and to put cement track around the terrain (that would connect with the cement track they already have around the playground) so children can safely ride their bicycles (the village does not have asphalt roads, the only asphalt portion is in front of the Municipality that does not connect with any asphalt and has no sidewalks). Note:  the playground and the future community terrain are next to each other and all of the land is already fenced.