Cooking Class

"No one is born great cook, one learns by doing" (Julia Child)


The IWCM members get together to cook very delicious and tasteful food, drawing on national and regional cuisines, celebrations and traditions from countries all around the world.

Every member who would like to host a Cooking Class in her home is welcomed and encouraged to do so. The host decides the date, time, number of attendees and other details.

A cooking session could usually run for two or three hours and it is followed by lunch or a tasting.

A contribution from participating members can be requested to cover the cost of ingredients.

The participants will receive the recipes from each session, along with information about special ingredients, spices, tools and more. When we forget an ingredient (and we do), or don't have the exact size pot called for in a recipe, we improvise and usually that's the most fun of all.

For more information or if you want host the next Cooking Class please contact us at


The past Cooking Classes have been:

Here you can find some pictures of the Indian Cooking Classes.