2013 Benecifiaries

1. SOS Autism, the main beneficiary of the Night of Art 2013

Total IWCM donation: 7 000 USD

AO "SOS Autism" is a non-governmental organization which was founded in May 2008 by a group of 12 parents of the children with autism to promote the school inclusion of those children, provide initial and continuous trainings of teachers working with these children, facilitate communications between teachers and families by supporting and advising the family to adopt an appropriate behavior and to respect doctors' prescriptions for improving a health of the child, to organize and participate at seminars, lessons.

In 2013 IWCM has approved "SOS Autism" as a beneficiary of our 2013 Night of Art event. The club has raised 7000 USD for this organization in order to buy equipment and other technical items for the new educational center of the organization. Within that sum, the Club paid out the costs to create a web-site of the "SOS Autism", which was successfully done by company "Artsintez Media"SRL.  In the meantime the director of "SOS Autism" Mrs. Alena Dumitras together with the Liason person of IWCM GC Mrs. Angela Baglayenko have bought 2 notebooks, one copying machine and  laminator to make own manuals for the children, a projector to be used while the teachers' trainings and seminars, chairs for children, carpets to create a cozy atmosphere in the children's study rooms and educational toys. Some more educational materials and books are being bought to complete an educational process for 33 autistic children (age from 2,5 to 15 years) who are now benefiting of our common efforts.


2. TB Sanatori, Kindergarten no. 110, Chisinau: replacement of 10 old and broken windows

Total IWCM donation: 46 500 MDL

IWCM worked together with Moldova World’s Children Fund (MWCF) to purchase and install 19 new custom built winterized exterior windows for the Tuberculosis Sanatorium Kindergarten Nr 110, str Ion Creanga 14, Chisinau. IWCM purchased 10 and MWCF 9 windows. This facility is home to 50+ children, ages 3-7 years, who are in danger of getting TB (close family member is diagnosed with TB). In most cases, the children stay at the kindergarten day and night during the week; returning home on weekends. The sanatorium's building dates from the 1940s, original windows and doors have deteriorated, most no longer fitted rotted sills and frames. This completed the change of the old windows in the TB Sanatorium Kindergarten.


3. Ciutesti Middle School: computer equipment

Total IWCM donation: 36 200 MDL

IWCM supported the middle school from Ciutesti village to buy 4 modern computers for the IT class. The aim of this project is to expand the possibilities offered by the informational technologies in the field of education and enhance the interest of pupils overall in the educational process. The school had previously several outdated computers that could not be used adequately. The project beneficiaries are: 140 pupils and 18 teachers.


4. Soltanesti Middle School "Ion Creanga" 

Total IWCM donation: 43,598 MDL                                          

A state primary and middle school for the children of Soltanesti village is being supported by IWCM to buy 9 modern computers for the IT class. The main goal of the project is tCiutesti Middle School – computer equipment to facilitate the educational process and to provide internet access to young people, thus minimizing the negative impact of the outdated PC screens on the eyes and sight of pupils, as well as enhance their skills in IT area. Previously, the gymnasium had just a few, very old computers. The direct beneficiaries of the project are 245 young people (119 boys, 126 girls) who will use the computers during the classes, but also in their free time. 

5. Cotul Morii Community Centre                                                                     

Total IWCM donation: 22,000 lei

Purchase of dictionaries, encyclopedias, school books in order to assist children with their homework after school hours. After the floods of summer 2010, the village Cotul Morii was flooded and relocated. The village remained without school, kindergarten and library. Purchasing books for the library of the Community Center will enable 296 children (6-12 years old) and 274 young people (teenagers) of the village better access to additional educational literature.

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