Replacement of 10 old and broken windows

IWCM worked together with the Moldova World’s Children Fund (MWCF) to purchase and install 19 new custom built winterized exterior windows for the Tuberculosis Sanatorium Kindergarten n. 110, placed in str. Ion Creanga 14, Chisinau.

IWCM purchased 10 and MWCF 9 windows.

This facility is home to 50+ children, ages 3-7 years, who are in danger of getting TB (close family member is diagnosed with TB). In most cases, the children stay at the kindergarten day and night during the week; returning home on weekends.

The sanatorium's building dates from the 1940s, original windows and doors have deteriorated, most no longer fitted rotted sills and frames.

This work completed the change of the old windows in the TB Sanatorium Kindergarten.


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