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Working together with Mad-Aid for Criuleni Hospital
Monday, 09 July 2018

Today members of IWCM together with the wives of foreign Ambassadors accredited in Chisinau, the wives of Ambassadors of the Republic of Moldova abroad and the MFAEI leadership visited Criuleni District Hospital.

During the visit to Criuleni, the members of the club together with the representatives of the diplomatic corps offered 20 refurbished used hospital beds (in excellent condition) for the patients of the medical institution in Criuleni, while also documenting the problems faced by the patients in the hospital.

In this project the IWCM teamed up with the MAD Aid organization in the UK. The 20 beds were provided by the Mad Aid organization in the UK led by the representative of our diaspora Victoria Dunford and were brought from UK to Criuleni, in Moldova with the financial support of the International Women's Club in our country.

The Criuleni Hospital was very happy to receive these beds.

Here you can find some pictures.


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