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Donation of furniture to the "Emil Coţaga" Institute
Wednesday, 06 June 2018

The Pediatrics Department for Metabolic Disorders, Malnutrition and Reanimation of the Mother and Child Institute "Emil Coţaga" is blessed with a team of doctors who saved the lives of many babies. This team of tireless physicians led by Doctor Ala Jivalcovschi is constantly looking for opportunities to improve conditions in which children are treated.

Opened in 1969, the Department has 10 individual wards for babies, reanimation and intensive care unit, doctors’ and nurses’ offices, a kitchen and sanitary units. Each care unit is separated by a door, which allows young patients with low immunity to be isolated and prevent cross infections. Annually, the department treats about 750-800 children.
Here are treated children of the age of 1month to 1 year old, with various infant pathologies, genetic diseases, congenital anomalies associated with malnutrition, digestive tract diseases, as well as acute diarrheal diseases. Most of them are from socially vulnerable families with severe diseases requiring not only treatments but also special care. In addition to treatments, doctors in the department are also taking care of educating parents for proper nourishment and care of babies.

To meet hygiene standards and prevent intra-hospital infections, a hospital needs regular renovations and improvements. Since it was opened, the Department hasn’t benefit from consistent repairs. This year from the budget of the institution were allocated money for reconstruction works of the section. All the spaces at the Department was renovated: the tiles and linoleum are replaced, all the plinths are changed, the bathrooms and the toilets are repaired and improved.

In order to reduce the hospitalization time and stimulate recovery, patients and medical stuff need proper conditions, especially when dealing with serious cases. It was also necessary to replace all the furniture in the wards, because the old, ruined cabinets can be a source of cross infections in a hospital, through bacteria that develop into the its texture, edges or voids.

Thanks to the International Women's Club the department has new furniture: 20 bedside tables , 10 cabinets for clothes, 1 cupboard in the kitchen ,1 office for nursing staff, 4 office tables.
Furthermore the International Center for Cooperation & Development Phoenix with the help of sponsors (Round Table Germany) bought 20 baby beds and 20 beds for mothers.

Here some pictures of this project.


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