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Book club: Orhan Pamuk's work
Saturday, 29 May 2021

Today our Book club hosted a meeting dedicated to the work of the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk.

We chose this writer for a reason! Firstly, two new members have been added to our club and they are of Turkish origin. Secondly, Turkish literature is always about passionate love, incredible landscapes of Turkish nature.

Orhan Pamuk also has charming descriptions of Istanbul streets and its inhabitants, delicious food and endless taste of ​​strong black tea. What reading could be better for the end of the spring!

To plunge deeper into the atmosphere of the Pamuk's heroes, we organized a meeting at the Turkish cafe “Istanbul bazaar”. Over a cup of warm Turkish tea, we were warmed up by a sincere conversation about "The Museum of Innocence" and its main characters, their difficult fates, love triangles. Everything is like in the best Turkish TV series! Lots of passion, suffering, Turkish traditions and rituals!

We unanimously agreed on the one thing, that we will not limit ourselves with only one book. We will continue reading Orhan Pamuk's book - the only Nobel Prize winner in Turkey.


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