Things to do

Here you can find a few ideas about things to do and places to visit in Chsinau and around Moldova.

This list is arranged by IWCM members and it is a work in progress that will be updated and develeped. If you have any places, things to suggest please contact us.

Enjoy your stay in Chisinau and your trips around Moldova.

Activities in Chisinau:

  • Free Walking Tour of Chișinău, it is in English and there is no cost for it. The tour takes place on Saturdays at 10am and starts at the Arc of Triumph on strada Ștefan cel Mare in the central Cathedral Park.

Activities around Moldova:

  • Milestii Mici, it is the world’s biggest wine collection, listed in 2005 Guinness records book, located in a small village in Ialoveni district. It is an underground wine city, which stretches as far as 250 kilometers. The cellar complex is a maze, where streets are named after various types of wine which include Sauvignon, Cabernet, etc.

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