Present your country

The IWCM Board encourages the club members to share interesting things about their home country with the club, giving the opportunity to present it at Montly Meeting.

If you are interested, please sign up clicking here.

There are some basic guidelines to be followed:

  1. Focus on culture rather than politics
  2. Bring some country-specific items for the demonstration. Some examples are: Indian sari, Spanish castanetas, Moldovan nai (flute), Russian matryoshka
  3. How about a snack to share with the members? Or maybe a recipe of your favourite local dish?
  4. Power point works best. Start with your country location on the map. And show us some unique photos of your country
  5. You can share your country music with us and we will play it in the background before the meeting
  6. Teach us some greetings in your language
  7. Keep it short: the presentation should take about 7-10 minutes

Have fun and share your love for your country with the club!


Our members presented the following countries:

Indonesia by Medy&Uwie

Belarus by Svetlana


Czech Republic by Marie


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