Social activities

It is now easier than ever to get involved and have fun meeting new people.

The IWCM has lots of groups for you to join. They all are great networking opportunities.


Active groups

Book Club

Status: active

Coordinator: Svetlana Shishkina

The Book club meets once a month, and has ~10 members. It is open only to club members.

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International Lunch group

Status: active

Coordinator: Natalia Waight

The International Lunch group meets every two weeks to explore the good restaurants in Chisinau. It is open to club members and no-members.

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Floral design group

Status: active

Coordinator: Julia Suslova

In this group you can learn how to arrange flowers or plants and to create decorations for home with floral materials. This group meets once a month and lasts two hours.

The workshops are open only to the club members.

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Art Appreciation group

Status: active

Coordinator: Natalia Waight

If you love paintings, art and discussions related to these topics, you are very welcome to join our group. You do not need to have any previous knowledge about artists or paintings. We will learn new things together.

It is open only to club members.

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If you are interested in attending an active group, please contact the Activities Coordinator, Ms Natalia Waight, at


Currently paused activity groups

  • International Cooking Group
  • Crafts Group
  • Sightseeing Club
  • Mother and Child Group
  • Romanian Language Group
  • Movie Group
  • Play Group


If there is an activity which you would like to do which is not listed, or you have an interest and would like to find other like minded club members to start a new group, please contact the Activities Coordinator, Ms Natalia Waight, at

The club always welcomes new ideas, skills, expertise and engagement for the members. The Activities Coordinator will support you to get the group up and running and to communicate the information.

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