About the IWCM

The International Women's Club of Moldova (IWCM) was started in April 1997 by Georgia Stewart, the wife of the American Ambassador who was also the first President.
An Board was established to manage the club and its activities.
Initially, the club was for expatriates to provide them opportunities for charitable work and insights into the life and culture of Moldova by inviting speakers to meetings and taking trips in the country.
The IWCM continues to seek out women who are generally new to the area and interested in meeting other women for fun and friendship.
"We would like to help you feel at home here in Moldova,
as you learn the lay of the land" 
This was the original goal of Georgia Stewart as she and others created this club, and it continues to be the primary goal of the club.
For this reason, the IWCM Board invite you to join one of our Monthly Luncheons, or our General Membership Meeting, which is held on the first Tuesday of each month.
Come and find out about how you can become a member and join one of our numerous activity groups.
If we don't offer a group that you would enjoy participating in, we are open to new ideas and suggestions!

In addition, we have an active Grants Committee that is meeting monthly to further the many charitable works that IWCM is involved in and giving back to.

To further that cause, we organize and host every December our International Charity Bazaar, as well as our Spring time Night of Art.

Both events are a great time for IWCM members and host community alike, while also a perfect fusion of fun and function, as all proceeds go to those charitable causes selected anew each year.

Our Grants Committee has evolved into an important aspect of IWCM. Through the efforts of our two fund-raising events each year (the Winter Bazaar and the Night of Art), we have supported such causes as delivering humanitarian aid to female prisoners in 2002, renovating a Breact Cancer Ward at the local Oncological Institute in 2004, and helping to establish a playground in the city center.

In 2002, when the IWCM raised funds to help establish this playground in the city center. it was through the dedication and hard work of two members, Meryl Lindstrom and Kristien Johnson (architect), who oversaw the opening of it in the spring of 2003. It was the cooperative efforts of many non-government organizations which truly made this all possible.

In the years the club exertions focused on giving aid and developing programs at several Moldovan children's homes and orphanages that will hopefully continue to benefit students, as well as lending support to the exciting Special Olympic Program begun in Moldova.

We are proud to say that throughout its twenty-year history, IWCM has success fully involved local artists, organizations and companies as well as international.

Come visit us at one of our upcoming events, and pick up our Welcome To Moldova guide that has all kinds of useful information for your stay in Moldova, and all for a very nominal fee (yup, another fund-raiser).

We hope to continue to contribute positively to Moldova in the future.


Presidents of the IWCM from 1997

1997-1998: Georgia Stewart

1998-1999: Audrey Harper & Katalin Hodicska

1999-2000: Ethel Perina & Lise Tejno

2000-2001: Ethel Perina & Lise Tejno

2001-2002: Pat Olsen

2002-2003: Sylvia Putman & Mehtap Ozge

2003-2004: Sylvia Putman

2004-2005: Samantha Healy

2005-2006: Molly Lamphear 

2006-2007: Delphine Torres

2007-2008: Sara Kirby

2008-2009: Marcie Grafin Lambsdorff

2009-2010: Marcie Grafin Lambsdorff & Nazli Ulker

2010-2012: Charla Chaudhry & Nazli Ulker

2012-2013: Marie Moser & Ana Maria Luft

2013-2014: Marie Moser & Banu Cankan Kartal

2014-2015: Banu Cankan Kartal & Corina Cojocaru-Ulianovschi

2015-2016: Aisha Abdulaziz H. Al Maliki & Maria Marinuta

2016-2017: Aisha Abdulaziz H. Al Maliki & Maria Marinuta

2018-2019: Maria Marinuta

2019-2020: Marie McDowell & Maria Marinuta

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