Opening of the children's playground in Tiraspol
Friday, 01 March 2019

Some members of the IWCM were proud and happy today as they witnessed the finalizing of a wonderful IWCM project.

The "Children's Fund 'Family for Children" Tiraspol, one of last year's beneficiaries, had invited us to the official re-opening of their once derelict outdoor playground.

IWCM has contributed towards putting up new playground equipment and refurbishing of existing ones.

Angela Celaru, Mirjam Butscher, Pascale Ridard and Ursula Kuchta travelled to Tiraspol, where they were greeted by Mrs Natalia Murahovscaia (head of the board), her coworkers and a lively group of kids.

It was very clear how the children and some quite cool teenagers enjoyed the new equipment.

The new playground will benefit the whole neighbourhood as some benches will be set up, too.

This project ticks all the boxes for a successful implementation and put a big smile on the faces of us as donors and the kids of a poor neighbourhood in Tiraspol as beneficiaries.

Well done everybody!

Here you can find some pictures


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