March book club discussion
Monday, 09 March 2020

Today the book club members met to discuss about the best-seller by Kate Morton: "The Clockmaker's Daughter".

This is the sixth novel of the author, published 2018. It has several different protagonists and the story covers a vast span of years, from 1862 – 2017: the reader jumps back and forth between the different protagonists, realizing that they all are in some way linked and that the primary linking factor is the Birchwood manor, the big country house where the most of the story takes place.

The common conclusion was that in this book m there are too many characters, and sometimes the reader is not able to remember and place them all in their timelines.

A special thank to Svetlana for welcoming the book club members every time.
These meetings are becoming also a gastro-epicurean event.

The group has chosen the next two books: "The Hare with amber eyes" by Edmund de Waal and "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" by Jordan B. Peterson.

Here some pictures from the meeting.



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