Happy International Women's Day 2021
Monday, 08 March 2021

Dear Ladies,
the IWCM congratulates you on International Women's Day.

Each member of our club is as unique as a diamond. We speak different languages, profess different religions, have different cultures and traditions. But we are united by one thing: our values, our desire to make life in this country better, our support and care for each other.

Today we want to express our warmest wishes in our native languages.

Click on the image and enjoy our video!

Special thank you to (in order of appereance):

  • Maria Marinutsa, local Co-President
  • Medy Muljono-Förch, from Indonesia
  • Tatiana Vasnetsova, from Russian Federation
  • Marie McDowell, International Co-President from Czech Republic
  • Gundega Vāvere-Mikute, from Latvia
  • Pascale Ridard, from France
  • Jolanta Valvoniene, from Lithuania
  • Neelima Kumari, from India
  • Uwie Kobienia, from Indonesia
  • Myriam Butscher, from Switzerland
  • Svetlana Shiskina, from Belarus
  • Natalia Waight, from Moldova
  • Inna Rothmann, from Moldova
  • Julia Suslova, from Moldova

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