Book club: June meeting
Saturday, 19 June 2021

During the previous book club meeting, as usual the participants voted the new book to be read. Almost unanimously the “Mornings in Jenin” by Susan Abulhawa was voted. Susan Abulhawa is a Palestinian writer.

Why this book among so many in our wish list? Maybe, because the main book’s theme is about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It’s very actual now and used to be for so many years.

Secondly, some ladies wanted to dive deeper into the history of the Middle-Eastern land. It is always better to understand the history and culture of any country through the common people and their lives. And, of course, all love good dramas.

“Mornings in Jenin” has satisfied all requests. It’s a story about several generations of Palestinians forced to leave their villages and move to the Jenin’s refugee camp.

The main protagonist – girl Amal – was named like this for a reason. The fact is that in Arabic, “amal” means “hope”. In this book Amal is a symbol of the hope of the entire future generation to stop the war and end the eternal enmity.

Together all participants at the today meeting worried, cried, tried to understand why this happens on Earth. Marveling at the strength of the spirit of the characters, they were united in one thing, that any events that take them out of their comfort zone allow them to feel deeper. Whether these are war or separation with beloved ones, death or moving to another place everyone starts to look at things differently, find joy in the little things and appreciate every moment.

The hope of the attending ladies is that life will throw up other circumstances for getting out of the comfort zone than a war or eternal strife.

The meeting took place at Laffa Israel restaurant, where the ladies tasted some typical eastern food that is also mentioned in the book.


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