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Charity online action to support orphans from Mariupol. A series of events in support of Ukraine charity online auction.

From February 15 to 24 International Women's Club of Moldova - IWCM with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Chisinau will hold a charity online auction for the benefit of Ukrainian orphans from Mariupol, as well as collect charity funds during a number of events dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of Russia's aggression against Ukraine The purpose of these events is to support an orphanage in Mariupol, where 17 children are currently staying 😇

The Ark of Peace Children's Home was founded in 2016 near the city of Mariupol, Ukraine, to help children affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war. Under the leadership of dedicated individuals such as Volodymyr and Oksana Zavadsky, the center has been a safe haven for children in the midst of the turmoil of war. Working with a Christian vision and in collaboration with volunteers, the center offered various activities and support services for children, including educational programs, creative activities, and psychological counseling. Despite all the challenges, such as a full-scale war in 2022, the Ark of Peace team continued its mission by moving to Zakarpattia, Ukraine, where it continues to care for orphans. IWCM invites you to join our efforts to support the Ark of Peace Children's Home.

By participating in our fundraising events and browsing the silent auction catalog on our website, you can make a big difference in the lives of these war-affected children. Together, let's bring hope and support to those who need it most

In the period of 15 – 22 february, the lots for the silent auction can be seen at the Museum of History of Moldova, ground floor, free entry. You can transfer any amount as a donation with the note "for Ukraine" to the account below even a donation of:

😇10 euros could provide food for an orphaned child for an entire day,

😇20 euros could cover the hygiene products needed for a child throughout a month,

😇30 euros could help purchase new and warm clothes for a child

Any donated amount will be extremely valuable. Additionally, those willing to participate in the auction can select an art object from the list below, for the proposed minimum amount next to each object To reserve a lot from the auction list below, please contact us by calling +373 69619954 and transferring the donation to the account below

The International Women’s Club of Moldova (IWCM)

str. Arborilor, 21, Chișinău, Republica Moldova

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C/f: 1014620009467 OTP Bank

A list of events dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of the war, which will be held to raise funds:

🙏February 15, 9.00– Meeting of local and international institutions that offer support to refugees in Moldova, organized by UNCHR, Mediacor

🙏February 20, 18.00– Offering prizes by the Timpul magazine for the artists that support Ukraine, Digital park

🙏February 21 – 15.00. VR exhibition, War Up Close; Presentation of the book and movie “ Și eu sunt Ucraina” (I am also Ukraine) by Moldovian poet Radmila Popovici, at the Chisinau Museum of History, 60A A. Mateevici street.

🙏February 22 - 14.00. National Museum of History of Moldova Exhibition of church icons painted on military boxes by 2 ukrainian artists, event organized by the Polish Institute of Bucharest, with participation of the Embassy of Poland, Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova

🙏February 22- 16.00.Art exhibition of Ukrainian artist Sirhii Bojco in Gallery “Bunker”, str 31 August, N 137, organized by Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Ukraine.

🙏February 23, 12.00 – ”Two years of united path” event, organized by Moldova for Peace, Moldova film

🙏February 23, 18.00 – Presentation of the movie: Twenty days in Mariupol. Location: American House (27 Banulescu Badoni str)

🙏February 24 ,12.00 – ”The heart keeps beating” event, organized by the Ukrainian National Congress in Moldova, with the participation of the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova, Mediacor.

Funds are being collected by the International Women's Club Moldova and will be directly transferred to the orphanage at the end of the fundraising campaign in late February - 😇🇺🇦 With your help, we want to alleviate the suffering and make a difference in the lives of specific children who have lost relatives during the brutal war.

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Silent Auction

During the period of February 15th to 24th, the International Women's Club Moldova, with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy in Chișinău, will host a series of events to mark 2 years since Russia's aggression towards Ukraine. The purpose of these events is to support an orphanage relocated from the city of Mariupol to Zakarpattia region, Ukraine, where there are currently 17 children relocated..

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