What people say about IWCM

Chisinau was my last overseas posting before retirement. I knew I wanted to meet expat and local women and IWCM gave me the perfect opportunity.

Very soon I was involved in charity projects and enjoyed the company of a great set of young and older ladies both from Moldova and abroad.

I was privileged to meet a number of local people through ICWMs activities and get a glimpse of the real Moldova outside of the cushy Chisinau expat life.”

Ursula Kuchta from Germany
Activities&Events Coordinator

“IWCM is a huge part of my life, more than 10 years of volunteering for good causes, new friendships, new beginnings, new dreams, wider horizons and lovely memories!…One day, a good friend of mine invited me to be part of this Club. It was a wonderful opportunity for an active woman, young mother, craving for socialising and activities outside of motherhood. It was my fresh air, it was so new and uncommon. I had the opportunity to make new friends, to meet and embrace new cultures, also to be part of wonderful events and to dream that one day I can be one of those travelling around the world.

I really miss those social small craft groups before the Winter Bazaars, sharing different stories, Christmas traditions from all over the world and creating beautiful crafts for our fundraising. As well, missing our potlucks for different occasions, sharing our best recipes.

One of my favorite projects in IWCM was the Angel tree. The feeling of being a Santa for an angel is worth anything in this world!

Now my dream has come true. I am sharing my experience on the opposite side of this Planet, on Fiji islands, making new friends and sharing with others the word about my beautiful Moldova.”

Natalia Pușcașu-Eftodi from Moldova
Grant Committee Chair and member, Angel Tree Coordinator & Crafts group Coordinator
“It was a great breakthrough for me to join IWCM. I made many friends with whom I could share my troubles, happiness, hobbies and light conversation (which is very important for many of us!). I was very happy that I could join some social activities which inspired me a lot. My life became very meaningful thanks to IWCM. Cheers to the hard working ladies!” Saori Hayashi from Japan Club member

“I am a club member for around 3 years. For me this is the easiest way to find people, organizations, good restaurants and where to shop.

I wish the IWCM has more social activities such as knitting, games, theatres, movies, books, hiking, weekly coffee mornings and monthly lunches.

In the IWCM all the efforts are mainly concentrated around the International Charity Bazaar. And sometimes you just want to have fun and relax.”

Myriam Butscher from Switzerland
Club member

IWCM is a place where any woman – no matter of her origins, religion, or profession – gets the opportunity for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and warm friendships.

I would never miss the opportunity to join the club and participate for my good and for the good of the society.

Wishing the IWCM all the best for many years to come!

Marie McDowell from USA
International Co-President &
Grant Committee Chair