Book Club

"Friends that read together stay together" 

The Book club meets once a month to discuss interesting books that range from international classics of modern fiction to the latest best sellers. The books are chosen as a group, and the group tries to choose books coming from nations around the world, all with a story to tell or some "meat" to make for interesting and lively discussions.
Each one can read in its favourite language but the discussion about the book selected will be exclusively in English.
The Book club has ~ 10 members. In case of interest from more people, a second book club can be started. 
The members of the Book club can get in contact by whatsapp or (if they prefer) by email.
The meetings for the discussion rotate to members' homes.
Please check out IWCM Calendar to stay updated on the meeting date and topic. Please contact the Book club coordinator, Svetlana Shishkina, to have the details about the venue to meet.
For more information about the book club or joining it, please contact Svetlana Shishkina at
This group is open only to members.
Past meetings

Introductory meeting


The first meeting

2020 March

2020 December: Memories

2021 February: Love stories

2021 April: Humorous books

2021 May: Korean culture&literature

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