International Charity Bazaar

Grant applications 2023

International Women’s Club of Moldova – IWCM brings us closer to the most beautiful and noble event – the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BAZAAR, Moldova🤩

It’s time to announce a call for GRANT APPLICATIONS in order to support projects we believe in 😇

Over the years, our contributions have funded a wide range of projects across Moldova. Priority has always been given to projects that help women and children receive necessary, quality health and social care 🙏

Our charitable work has been made possible thanks to the input and involvement of our local and international sponsors, supporters and members, for which we are deeply grateful to all 😇

🔸Funding cycle: 2023-2024

🔸 Deadline: 05/11/2023 (until 6:00 pm)

🔸 Address (send your application to): [email protected]

🔸 Grants: of 1000 to 5000 euro

🔸 Applicants: NGO, Charitable Foundations, State Institutions (Hospitals, Schools, High Schools, Kindergartens, etc.).

The form can be found:…/15pYjAzeb45LkuysudRidjYH…/edit

‼️ Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted for consideration in this cycle. The IWMC Grants Board is made up of local and international IWMC members. Board members will review all applications, conduct visits where necessary, and subsequently announce and publish the winning projects

Applications will be considered and assessed if they meet the following criteria:

🔸 the beneficiaries of the project are women and children, especially disadvantaged or with special needs, from Moldova;

🔸 it is community-driven, involves or is owned by the community

‼️ The International Women’s Club of Moldova – IWCM does not normally fund expenses for one-off events, supplies, food, meetings, salaries, training or other operating expenses, as well as single-person beneficiaries (treatment or scholarships)

‼️ No group of beneficiaries will receive more than one grant in any two-year period. The Grants Board will decide whether the project will be fully or partially funded (100%, 50%, 25%, etc.)

‼️ Funds will be allocated after the International Charity Fair on the date set out in the grant agreement, but no later than 30 May 2024