Other Projects

Clothes, toys and shoes donation

Today some IWCM members have visited the Multifunctional Center for children at risk in the village of Cupcui to distribuite clothes, books, pencils, toys, shoes and sweets to kids aged between 4 and 18 years.

Once again joining our forces, we made a nice surprise to children. 

A huge thank to Irina Rusanovschi for her coordination and without which this initiative would not have happened.

A big thank to Ursula Kuchta and the German Embassy staff for the donated clothes, toys, shoes and also for the fundraising by which 26 new pairs of shoes have been bought. Thank to Oldocom Company for its discount!

A special thank also to Myreen for her delicious berries, clothes and games from EduJoc, and to Maltese Order of Switzerland for toys, bags and shoes.

Thank to every ladies who have been involved in this collect and who have generously donated nice gifts, and especially thank to Svetlana, Saori and Myreen for travelling up to Cupcui.

Thank to everyone that has brought this joy not only to the children of the center but also to two families from the village. The collected donations were so much that the remaining things will be given on September 1st.

Together we can do great things!