1999 Beneficiaries

This year the club were able to raise 9 520 $ that will be used to fund the following beneficiaries of the IWCM Grants.

1. National Women’s Studies and Information Center

Support for: seminar for 53 women mayors in Moldova, with 5-6 participating mayors per district.

2. Milena Single Mother’s Association

Support for: 26 single-parent families received corn and sunflower seeds for planting on approximately 90 hectares of land.

3. Eterna Social Protection of Women

Support for: project provided training and licensing of home-care nurses for elderly women.

4. Women in Economy and Finance

Support for: two-day conference for 150 women (representing 2-3 villages from each district) on business initiatives, plans and possibilities in rural/village environments.

5. Zece-Plus Association of Women Journalists

Support for: assistance with publications on women’s issues in Moldova.

6. Camp GLOW (Girls Leading our World)

Support for: transportation for 100 teenage girls to two summer camps for classes, discussions on topics important for Moldova women.

7. Partners for Community / Crisis Center CEVA

Support for: furnishings for a center for women victims of domestic violence and their children.

8. National Council of Women

Support for: personal hygiene products for inmates at Rusca penitentiary facility and supplies to produce clothing and/or bedcovers for children in an orphanage.

9. Integration of Women and Children in Civic Society, Criuleni

Support for: a two-year supply of sterile kits for labor and delivery; emergency medications for newborns.

10. Amigo Youth NGO, Floresti

Support for: a battery-powered CD/ Tape player, batteries, a battery recharger to support an after-school program for girls and young women.

11. Gloria Women’s NGO, Floresti

Support for: one-day seminar on women’s legal rights and other topics.

12. Family Planning Society, Cahul

Support for: publishing of educational brochures for use on breast cancer seminars in 5 cities in Moldova.