2017 -2018 Beneficiaries

This year IWCM were able to raise 735 000 MDL that equal 36 500 EUR at its major annual fundraising event, the International Charity Bazaar at its 21st edition.

Our common efforts went towards rigorously selected projects that are awarded so much needed funds and are benefited particularly vulnerable women and children.

1. VITAE Association

This association provides assistance to premature children, children in hospitals and residential institutions.

Support for: purchase of 10 aspirators, 1 bililtest, 6 scales, 80 packages of diapers for premature babies, 130 vein catheters for premature born babies.

Grant: 5 492 €

2. Charity Centre for Refugees

The Centre provides shelter and assistance to asylum and shelter seekers with a refugee status in Republic of Moldova, offering a wide range of services to refugees seeking to provide a bridge between the local governance, international organizations and refugees themself.

Support for: funding of children’s room items, small gym class items, hairdressing accessories, sewing machines with accessories and social packages for refugees.

Grant: 1 498 €

3. Area Prutului de Sus

The purpose of this NGO is the integration of people with special needs in society and the development of social entrepreneurship, providing: occupational creative workshops; psychological, legal and social counseling; training and mediation on the labor inclusion; development of communication skills; facilitation for socializing with community members; training services by organizing exchanges and seminars in the field of occupational therapy; acquisition of skills in using PC and internet; anti-stigma campaigns.

Support for: purchase of 2 swearing machines for embroidering and 1 swearing machin in order to support 5 children and 10 women from social vulnerable groups.

Grant: 2 763 €

4. Hospice Angelus, Moldova

The hospice provides medical, social and psycho-emotional support to adults and children who suffer from incurable diseases, including cancer in progressive or advanced stage.

Support for: purchase of items (such as nazo-gastric tubes, secretional aspirators, feeding tubes) for treatment of children in palliative care at the hospice.

Grant: 2 210 €

5. Children’s Fund “Family for Children”, Tiraspol 

Children’s Fund “Family for Children” develops and strengthens the capacity of children at risk to be separated from his family, contributing to the successful solution of family problems through the provision of social support and counseling services and the development of alternative forms of support for children.

Support for: children’s play area (including swing and the slide) and workout equipment.

Grant: 2 215 €

6. Association Against Domestic Violence, Casa Marioarei

This association provides a range of qualitative services including social, psychological, legal and primary medical assistance.

Support for: purchase of furniture items intended to improve the living conditions for beneficiaries during their stay in the shelter, as the existent furniture in the shelter.

Grant: 4 925 €

7. Public Healthcare Institution “Emil Coţaga” Clinic

The Pediatrics Department for Metabolic Disorders, Malnutrition and Reanimation of the Mother and Child Institute “Emil Coţaga” is constantly looking for opportunities to improve conditions in which children are treated.

Support for: purchase of furniture items, such as 15 beds for mothers, 20 bedside tables, 10 cabinets for clothes with 2 scraps, 1 cupboard in the kitchen, an office for nursing staff and 4 office tables.

Grant: 2 780 €

8. Public Healthcare Institution Municipal Child Hospital Nr. 1

Support for: purchase of outdoor children playground items.

Grant: 1 000 €

9. Project in partnership with “Mad Aid”

The beneficiaries of this project will be: the Public Healthcare Institution Municipal Child Hospital Nr. 1; the Public Healthcare Institution District Hospital from Criuleni; the Clinical Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Support for: payment for transportation of a container of pre-used medical equipment from Ireland, UK. Items will be distributed in the following way: 20 beds and 6 boxes of consumables to the Clinical Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics; 20 hospital beds and 11 boxes of consumables to the Public Healthcare Institution District Hospital from Criuleni (project status here) and 2 oxytherapy gadgets and 3 boxes of consumables to the Public Healthcare Institution Municipal Child Hospital Nr. 1.

Grant: 3 100 €