2016 – 2017 Benecifiaries

This year the beneficiaries of the International Charity Bazaar are:

1. SOS Autism Centre, Chisinau

This public association was founded in 2008 by parents who have children with Autism Syndrom Disorder (ASD) with the aim to create a public private partnership to pilot a model of pre-school inclusion.

Support for: funding a new Sensory Therapy Room/Space as well as some furniture (like bean bags and climbing wall).

Grant: 143 138 MDL

2. Women’s Law Centre, Chisinau

The Women’s Law Centre launched a small project “Social and economical support for survivors of domestic violence” in 2015-2016 in order to provide social, financial and informational support for the most vulnerable women, victims of domestic violence and ensure their long-term financial sustainability and self-confidence.

Support for: funding seven women and their children (aged between 16 and 33) to help them on their path to sustainability and independence.

Grant: 99 000 MDL

3. Rasarit Day Care Center for Elderly, in Straceni

This center for elderly serves 74% women. Its goal is to increase health, strength and empower middle aged to older women to re-join community.

Support for: funding the “Dignity Project” addressed to the women serviced by the day center and aimed to renovate the center and create a private showering space and a beauty salon.

Grant: 11 944 MDL

4. Hincesti Orphanage and Emilita Lux SRL Project

This project supports 10 girls with mental/physical disabilities from the Hincesti orphanage who have been given the opportunity to work with Emilita Lux SRL. The main activity of this company is the production and sale of textiles.

Support for: purchasing of 6 sewing machines, various utensils and raw materials to create the necessary training conditions.

Grant: 115 182 MDL

5. The water project Carpineni

This project will be in partnership with The UNWomens Guild of Vienna.

Support for: funding the water filtration system for the Gymnasium, Orphanage, Carpineni village. 

Grant: 195 921 MDL