2012 Beneficiaries

The following organizations received grants from the IWCM during 2012:

1. Tony Hawks Centru (formerly Centrul Hippocrates), the main beneficiary of the IWCM Winter Bazaar 2011.

Received grants: 172 712 MDL
A non-profit, day care, socio-medical facility which gives free specialist recovery and rehabilitation therapy to children with disabilities and chronic illnesses. At the centre parents also receive the advice and support they need to understand the nature of their child’s condition and how best to care for them at home, so that they remain part of the wider community. Physiotherapy, massage, occupational and speech therapy provided at the centre help children learn how to communicate and improve their motor skills and coordination, enabling them to live happy and active lives with their families. Tony Hawks Centru was founded with the support of British comedian, writer and filmmaker, Tony Hawks using the proceeds from his book “Playing the Moldovans at Tennis” and his strong support has continued over the years. Tony Hawks Centru was chosen as the main beneficiary of the Winter Charity Bazaar 2011 and IWCM donated $15 000 (from the total proceeds of $35 000) to pay for the roof at a new, purpose-built and better equipped facility, which will allow more children – up to 600 per year – to receive the best possible care free of charge. More information about the Tony Hawks Centru here

2. Asociata Impotriva Violentei “Casa Marioarei”

Received grants: 25 200 MDL
Offers psychological, social and legal services – and shelter where possible – to help women throughout Moldova to survive and overcome domestic violence. In 2012, with support from the US Embassy, Casa Marioarei created a national network of volunteer advocates against domestic violence working in communities throughout Moldova. The advocates liaise with local public administrations and other key players and connect women to services available to them locally and nationally, including through Casa Marioarei. IWCM will contribute to the cost of follow-up training for the advocates so that they can be as effective as possible in their work.

3. Comunitate Copil Familie (CCF) Moldova

Received grants: 35 950 MDL

Aims to replace institutional child care with high quality day care services, helping families to stay together and benefiting the whole community. This year at the day care centre for children with disabilities located in the Municipal Specialised Centre for Children in Chisinau, IWCM paid for wall-mounted support bars, parallel bars and a set of steps with support bars to encourage the children to move independently and integrate more easily into family life and the world around them. IWCM also paid for soft equipment and a dry pool for exercise and physiotherapy activities, as well as specially designed tables and chairs with adjustable heights to enable the children to interact and to take part in diverse and stimulating play activities. Toys and equipment to improve coordination and stimulate the senses were also provided by IWCM. The centre was opened in 2009 thanks to the generosity of the Irish charity, Outreach Moldova (ORM) and their supporters, who paid for all the building, renovation and start up costs. The centre is owned and run by the Municipality of Chisinau and both ORM and CCF Moldova provide ongoing support and specialist services to the staff, the children and their families.

More information about CCF Moldova here and about Outreach Moldova here.

4. Christian Response to Eastern Europe (CR2EE) and Misiunea Crestina Christian Response

UK registered charity bringing humanitarian aid to Moldova since 1990, CR2EE established “Misiunea Crestina Christian Response” to run social housing projects, social canteens, and an innovative community centre in Gura Bicului, r-nul Anenii Noi. Opened in October 2011, the centre offers employment for local people and serves the whole community in Gura Bicului and the surrounding area, especially its socially disadvantaged and vulnerable members. The centre is designed to generate income to be self-sustaining and to support other social projects in Moldova. It has rooms available for hire for seminars, conferences and social functions such as weddings and also has a bakery and cafe.

Support for: funding an outdoor playground and indoor play equipment at the centre, aimed to give it a focal role for the community and to give children and their families the chance to enjoy playing and having great fun together..

Grant: 72 000 MDL

5. Fundatia don Bosco

Received grants: 72 000 MDL
Part of the Salesian Congregation devoted to missionary activity and charity with a special emphasis on development and education for socially disadvantaged children and young people. Their centre in Chisinau includes a family style home for abandoned children and a free entrance youth centre open daily for play, games, sports, dance, music, crafts and educational activities such as after school computer science and English lessons. The centre also has workshops for manual vocational education. Fundatia don Bosco also organizes special events such as children’s festivals, sports competitions and an annual two week summer camp for over 200 children. IWCM supported their educational work by buying a copier-printer-scanner so that they can prepare manuals, information and other materials for their wide range of lessons, developmental and creative activities.

More information about Fundatia don Bosco in Chisinau here.

6. Gimnaziul din Satul Scorteni

Received grants: 21 000 MDL

A state primary and middle school for the children of Scorteni, r-nul Telenesti and the surrounding area. As part of a wider “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies” project to improve the health and well being of children and adults in the community, IWCM part-funded the construction of a playground near the school which will also benefit the children at the neighbouring kindergarten. As part of the project, children, parents and staff received information about healthy nutrition and exercise, agreed to work towards achievable health goals and raised further funds themselves for the construction of a sports field at the same location. 

7. Kindergarten Nr. 122, Chisinau
For several years since their outdoor pavilion fell down, a group of young children at the Kindergarten had no shelter from rain, or strong sun during playtime, greatly reducing their chances of playing outside in the fresh air.

Support for: purchasing materials for the pavilion reconstruction

Grant: 10 500 MDL

8. Orfeu

Received grants: 23 767 MDL

A state-owned pilot educational complex, which includes a kindergarten, school and workshops for children with special needs including Down’s syndrome and autism, with an emphasis on creativity, arts and music as stimulation and therapy. The majority of the children at the school attend during the day and some are resident during the week and return to their parents at weekends. IWCM paid for a water boiler and shower cabinet for use by the children at the school and a projector and laptop for educational purposes.

More information about Orfeu here.

9. Asociatia “Viitorul” and Pasarea Albastra Day Care Centre for Children with Multiple and Severe Disabilities, Hincesti

Opened in December 2011 the Pasarea Albastra Day Care Centre is an important stage in Asociatia Viitorul’s work to prevent the institutionalization of children with disabilities; to assist children with disabilities to integrate into society; to provide support to their parents to enable them to find and maintain employment and to develop new and innovative social services for children with disabilities.

Support for: replacing their broken washing machine and purchase specialized toys and equipment to help the children engage in play activities that are constructive, therapeutic and fun.

Grant: 17 000 MDL

10. Pediatric Oncohematology Department, Oncological Institute, Chisinau

Received grants (including contribution from QSI International School): 106 918 MDL
Located within the main Moldovan state hospital for cancer patients, the department specializes in treating children for leukemia. Sole beneficiary of the IWCM Night of Art Charity Exhibition and Sale 2012, IWCM used the $8 300 raised to buy art and craft materials for a year of weekly “messy art sessions” run on a voluntary basis by members of IWCM and much needed medical equipment. The sessions brought the joy of art and creativity to seriously ill young patients, who had to remain in the hospital for weeks and months at a time during their treatment. They also gave the children something to look forward to and a space for care-free play. The result was a very positive psychological impact, which lifted their mood and brought a lot of fun and happiness. The medical equipment purchased (Infusomats and Perfusors) precisely regulate the dose of medicine delivered intravenously, greatly increasing the effectiveness of their treatment and improving their chances of survival and recovery. We are grateful to QSI International School for donating additional funds from their “Jump for Heart” initiative and to BBraun and their local partner, Tetis, for their tremendous help with buying the equipment.

11. Scoala de Muzica, Ungheni

Received grants: 18 000 MDL
A popular and highly regarded state run music school, IWCM bought an electric piano for the children and paid for the refurbishment of badly worn chairs in the practice / concert room. The electric piano is portable, giving the opportunity for children to perform a wide variety of music in different community locations and providing greater access to music for audiences.

12. Special Olympics Moldova
Part of the official international Special Olympics movement, Special Olympics Moldova organises year round competitions and training in different sports for children with intellectual disabilities from the age of 8 upwards. Participating athletes have the opportunity to realise their potential, improve physical fitness and motor skills and develop greater self confidence by demonstrating courage and taking pride in their achievements. Special Olympics Moldova promotes the understanding, acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities so that they become members of society with full rights. The activities they organise give this often neglected group a precious chance to grow mentally, socially and spiritually as they discover new talents, share friendship and have great fun! As well as local and regional programmes, Special Olympics Moldova competes in the International and European Special Olympics.
In recent years IWCM has supported their involvement in the annual European Football week, European competitions in Warsaw and Athens and the UN Day for People with Disabilities.

Support for: purchasing a dry pool to provide stimulation and exercise for the children and sports clothes to enable 12 nationally selected young athletes to compete in an international swimming competition in Odessa, Ukraine.

Grant: 14 960 MDL (5 760 MDL for the swimming competition and 9 200 MDL for the dry pool and balls)