2014 – 2015 Benecifiaries

1. NGO Debra Moldova, Chisinau

“Debra Moldova” is a non-governmental organization that promotes the interests of persons with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare inherited skin disease that is characterized by the development of blisters following minimal pressure to the skin. There is no cure for the disorder. Treatment focuses on preventing and treating wounds and infection and the people suffering from EB need to have clean clothes every day to keep their fragile skin from blistering and bleeding. Until 2011, nobody knew that there are persons with such a disease in Moldova. “Debra Moldova” has 23 members who all suffer form EB.

Support for: purchasing of 14 semi-automatic and automatic washing machines for Debra Moldova members (from 14 families) that will improve their daily hygiene and reduce their discomfort and pain.

Grant: 5 100 $

2. NGO Atitudine PRO/ Project Casa Mare

Support for: purchasing of rehabilitative and recreational equipment to outfit the Children’s Rehabilitation room at the pychiatric hospital Codru. The general objective is to provide a satisfactory rehabilitative and recreational space for children and youth with mental illnesses between ages of 4 and 18. The current room is equipped only with tables and chairs. In 2012 this room was used by over 1000 children.

Grant: 2 500 $

3. NGO CAPTES, Electronic Library School

Support for: funding of a new server and a video camera to develop and collect multimedia materials (video, PowerPoint presentations, etc) and textual references (essays, articles, tests), developed by pupils and teachers from Moldova in accordance with the school curricula. These materials will be published on the Electronic Library School (ELS) website platform ( and will be accessed by students and teachers from primary, secondary and high levels school in urban and rural areas of the country.

Grants: 4 870 $

4. Liceul Teoretic Tintareni

Support fot: purchasing of additional kitchen equipment to expand the range of meal preparation for the benefit of 275 students and faculty members, especially younger children. Current kitchen conditions include one functioning burner for the entire school. A kitchen safety and food preparation/ sanitation instructional activity organized by the school and Peace Corps Volunteer compliments equipment purchase into an applied learning experience by training teachers who will then create home room health education lesson plans for the kids.

Grant: 1 740 $

5. NGO Hospice Angelus, Teraclia

Support for: purchasing of laptop and printer for Hospice office in Teraclia. The equipment will enable the organization to create and print their own outreach and marketing materials, significantly reducing operating costs. In 2012, they looked after 104 patients, made 1282 home visits and conducted 607 outpatient consultations. Hospice Angelus Taraclia will continue to provide free medical, psychological care for the terminally ill in the Taraclia Raion.

Grant: 1 250 $

6. Liceului Teoretic Holercani

Support for: purchasing of six toilet tanks and two hand dryers for the bathroom and purchase of furniture (tables and chairs) for the common room at the school. This project will provide better sanitation conditions for 400 students at the school and will also enable the school to organize more public activities in the common room.

Grant: 3 300 $